National Workers in India - Outreach and Opposition

National Workers in India – Outreach and Opposition

A national worker, along with his wife and young daughter have been serving in one area of India for three years. He called it a "normal day" when they set out to minister in an outlying village. The following day they "conducted prayer" and then stopped at a home for tea. While there, a mob of 70-80 people arrived and began to shout, "Where is that terrorist?"
They were seeking the pastor.
They took him out into their midst and interrogated him. This brother shared the story in his own words:

God indeed put the right words in my mouth and fear did not take a hold of me. Matthew 10:19-20 says that, "But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you."'
We were not afraid of the people gathered there since Jesus was with us. After the interrogation they started to beat us mercilessly. They also verbally abused us and called my wife a prostitute. While I was being beaten up badly my daughter started weeping and calling out to me, "Papa, papa!" But there was no mercy to be shown. After this my family, along with eight other believers were taken and put into the jail.
Our persecutors had taken us to the police station. There were about a thousand people gathered and demanding for me to be sent out so that they may kill me. They were pounding on the police station doors. A man then appeared in front of everyone and started beating my wife. The police did not take any action but watched this atrocity being done before them with passivity. The public then pressured the police to write a report about us accusing us of converting Hindus to Christianity. They threatened that failure to do so would lead to the mob burning the police station down. The police finally gave in to the pressure and wrote a false report about us. They also took some things from the believers’ home.
I had fainted after suffering much beating and all the while I remembered the suffering that Jesus went through. We were jailed for three days. While in prison, I was afflicted with dysentery and other physical ailments. I was very weak but Jesus was my strength during this time. My wife and the other believers (ladies) were singing songs and praying and suddenly a female police officer who was demon-possessed was set free along with two other women who were present there.
Finally one policeman informed the ministry coordinator of the region that one brother from the team was arrested by the police and taken to jail. On hearing this, the coordinator and several other national Christian leaders worked hard to get us out from the jail. The jailer knew one of the men, so he let us go finally. I am thankful for leaders who take care of their team members. May God bless them for their care and concern.

Our brothers and sisters who serve in sometimes hostile conditions cherish our partnership in providing both the physical tools they need and also our prayers for them.


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