National Worker Training

National Worker Training

One of the most powerful ways to be involved in effective missions today is through the support of national (indigenous) workers. You can plant churches and lead hundreds to Christ by partnering with them in ministry, and do all this without ever leaving Canada.

But, when there are not enough trained leaders to keep up with the flood of new believers in a given country, the most urgent need is for training.

There is no better way to keep the Church shallow and ineffective than to limit the spiritual growth (both the knowledge and the spiritual depth that comes out of that knowledge) of new believers. Training of Christian leaders is a key to sustaining the move of God that is happening in so many countries today. A well-placed investment in the lives of these national workers greatly multiplies their effectiveness in evangelism and church growth.

Whether it is an underground Bible School or a secret training session or a training environment that is more open – wherever Christian leaders gather together for training – God is using those times to bless and to grow the national Church in mighty ways. And the results are incredible!

If you can help provide training for national church planters, please donate here.