A Message from our Executive Director and Founder

Today is a new day in missions for both Canada and the world!

For two centuries, western missionaries carried the Gospel around the globe and did a tremendous job of planting churches. In most cases, they saw only limited to moderate growth, but around 1989 these small, indigenous churches began to explode in size. Millions have since turned to Christ, with revivals and outpourings of the Holy Spirit continually bursting forth in dozens of countries. But, God’s plan includes not only reaching the Third World nations. It is also God’s time to “bring missions back home” and reach the people in Canada.

We absolutely need to continue to strengthen and encourage national believers, but we also desperately need to bring back to this country, the lessons and principles of revival that we have discovered overseas. I cannot state this next point more emphatically – From coast to coast, our land has a critical need of a spiritual awakening. In response to this need, Empower Ministries has launched a program we call Riches for Riches. In essence, we exchange the financial resources with which we are so blessed, for the spiritual treasures the national believers possess in abundance.

This is why Empower Ministries was raised up by God – to be a channel of blessing from Canada to the world and then back to Canada.

This ministry was established with a clear mandate from God – to operate efficiently and effectively. In order to live up to this calling, we must invest our resources wisely. The Lord has connected us with some of the most dynamic national ministry partners that exist anywhere in the world. We are pouring financial resources and evangelistic tools into national works on five continents and seeing huge returns on our investments.

God continues to enlarge the Empower Ministries family, bringing together concerned and committed believers who desire to be instrumental in taking the Gospel “into all the world” and bringing this same spiritual vitality back to Canada. I invite you to read and listen to the reports of how God is at work today, and prayerfully ask how He would have you be involved.

Executive Director/Founder


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