Empowering the National Church in India

With 1.2 billion people, India is a booming harvest field filled with opportunities for outreach and willing workers to share the Gospel. The ongoing problem however, is that they lack the resources needed to do the job.
Empower Ministries partners with brave and faithful Christians in India who are diligently taking the Gospel message to their fellow countrymen. Our provision of pastoral support is all about empowering indigenous Christians in the work they are already doing.
This support provides food, housing, clothing and some transportation money for a national pastor and his family. This key assistance enables the indigenous pastor to plant and nurture churches. Monthly support makes an incredible difference in the lives of these pastors and their families, making their ministries even more effective.
This support is vital, but the National Church in India also needs Scriptures – Bibles and New Testaments in the Hindi language, bicycles and motorcycles that enable pastors to reach outlying regions and far-off villages, and a host of other practical help.
If you can help these dedicated Christian leaders in India, please contact us today and request the India country profile, as well as our How Can I Help brochure.
Your support can make the difference in the lives brave and faithful national workers as well as untold numbers of people in India who will hear the Gospel!
Read more about supporting national workers.
If you can help to support a pastor or national worker in India, or to help provide the needed resources for their work, click on donate.