Effective Children's Ministries

Children’s Ministries - Reaching Young People All Year Long!

Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) are in full swing in many countries around the world. Each event in each country is unique and specifically designed to provide hope and the wonderful message of God’s love. Children make up more than 50% of the population in almost every country in which Empower Ministries works. More and more, the growing National Church is realizing the importance of reaching out to and mentoring children.


Tens of thousands of children are attending five-day Vacation Bible Schools this summer. Our partnership provides a trained teacher to lead each VBS as well as the cost of materials that the children keep and take home. They also receive a daily lunch, which in some poor areas is truly a blessing for the children. This is all accomplished for a cost of only $1 per child. One worker told us that many of the children who attend are so radically changed for the good, that their parents are also impacted by their children’s improved behavior.


In the remote areas along the Nile River, villages exist in virtual seclusion. Vacation Bible Schools are an effective means of sharing God’s love in these regions. The cost for one child to attend a 10-day event and receive materials is only $3. There is the potential to reach up to 80,000 children. The children love being able to attend these effective schools that are filled with games, moral lessons and the usual VBS activities.

Empower Ministries also strengthens and equips children’s ministries in other regions of the world. The needs of the children’s ministries are varied, but in every case, the opportunities are immense – summer children’s ministries provide an ideal opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of children around the world with the Good News!